One of the first things I was taught in the realm of manifesting what I want in my life was to be clear what I want. From there you have to take action, the actions you are able to take that lead you in that direction. Sitting on the couch and hoping does not do it.

Beyond that this phrase, I attribute to Brian Tracy because he was the first person I heard say it- “Where your attention goes, your energy flows.” To me, this means that I have to be very careful to spend more time thinking about what I do want and less time thinking about all of the things that are not as I want them and that I don’t want. Whatever I give the most attention to in my life will expand.

Can you think of a time in your life that you thought about something a lot (positive or negative) and you got the thing or the experience you were focused on? ¬†What was it? ¬†Realize the power in this. And yes, if we focus on things we don’t want, they manifest, too. Manifestation works, but it doesn’t discriminate!

Another thing I have learned is to have patience, because we do not always dictate the time line. Having solid trust and belief has served me well.

One of my great clients shared this powerful quote with me the other day and I wanted to share it with you.

“The greatest spiritual challenge is for each human being to recognize and appreciate the extraordinary potential we hold for manifesting good works. Don’t we all ask ourselves, at one time or another, “Why am I here?” The secret meaning of life isn’t so secret; it lies in understanding that we should each aspire to take the sum total of who we are — good, bad and indifferent—in order to discern how best to employ it to render good and great service to others.”
William Stillman
The sum total of who you are! So powerful- you are the only you! What does this quote say to you? What can you take from this post that will help you to move toward what you want and away from what you don’t want any more in your life?