The 100 Day Challenge, Day 35:

As Mindset March continues, I am certainly finding many opportunities to work on keeping my mindset in a strong place!  Funny how the Universe delivers just what you need to fulfill your intentions!

When endeavoring to keep a positive, supportive mindset going sometimes it is helpful to think small.  Small in quantity, big in impact- the power of one thought.  Here are some ways that you can shift your current thoughts to bring in one powerful thought that can move you forward:

Close your eyes, allow a word, any word, to pop into your mind.  Ask yourself how this word can help your mindset to stay strong at this point in time.  Use the dictionary to see what the meanings and related words are- you will be surprised at the cool breakthroughs you will have.

If you have any type of deck of cards like self improvement, animal medicine cards, self -care cards, angel cards, anything like that- pull one out and ask how what that card says or represents can help you to gain a powerful mindset.  One of my first mentors, Cheryl Richardson, has a great website and a way to pick a Grace Card online-

In Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics (R) I use amazing tools like the values cards with clients to shift their thinking.

Writing out what you would like to be true- how you would like to be thinking about something in a positive way- and then asking yourself what is one thing I can do right now to move forward?- can do the trick to start to turn your mindset around.

Have someone you can go to- your mindset pal- who you can call to have help getting back on track.

Staying stuck in a negative mindset does nothing to make your life better or happier,  however justified you may feel in it.  We are wasting precious moments of our lives, and in many cases totally missing out on some great things happening that we don’t even see.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Learn some ways to trick yourself into some solutions, better mindset, faster resilience, and a happier life!  You can do this for yourself.  If you want help-  I can coach you through some great tools that you can use for life.  Either way, set an intention and don’t lose sight of what is most important to you.  Look for that one thought….