The 100 Day Challenge, Day 36:

Today I was facilitating a lunch and learn session on John Maxwell’s Everyone Communicates, Few Connect program.  It occurred to me that so much of connecting with others is our mindset ABOUT others.  If you value people, like people, even love people, then connecting can happen for you, at the highest level.

You have to check your attitudes:  what do you think about people in general?  How about those who have different beliefs, ideas, visions, political parties….  Have I touched any nerves?  If you want to be a great communicator or connector of people OR if you just want to experience the most joyful life possible- which always includes other people- then really examining these attitudes can give you some good clues about how you might be doing and what you might want to work on.

John Maxwell says “The ability to connect with others begins with understanding the value of people.”   In Everyone Communicates, Few Connect we talk about some of the reasons that someone may not be connecting with people- immaturity, ego, AND our failure to value people.

What do people experience with you?  Do they feel that you care, that you can help them and do they feel they can trust you?  Connecting begins when the other person feels valued.

Question:  What can you do to increase your value of others?