Welcome to the countdown!

My idea in doing a countdown to 2021 is many faceted. I am going through the process of thinking about 2020 from all directions and I thought I would share it with you.  Follow along each day if you want to, or engage in the days that are meaningful to you. My hope is these posts give us something to think about that will add meaning to the last 21 days of 2021.

Challenges are one of my favorite things to do and for many reasons I wanted to start with this today. Every time I engage in a challenge, big or small, I learn something about myself. I grow- mentally, physically, spiritually. I try something new, my brain gets stronger, I get excited. All of this is so healthy. Challenge yourself, on purpose.

Because we all have challenges and obstacles that cross our paths daily, NOT on purpose. Purposeful challenges makes us stronger and more resilient for when those we did not choose come along.

Some still say that in 21 days you can change a habit. What challenge would you like to take on or conquer by the new year?

From my clients just today I have heard:

-Create  a clean slate for myself before the new year begins. (And to that I ask- what does a clean slate look like in reality for you? What does that feel like when you create it?)

-Finish “X” project

-Finally create “X” habit

-Read “X” book.  And reach my 2020 reading goal. (that’s me, too!)

-Exercise 3+ times per week. (To which I ask what? and when? and for how long?)

I heard things like get my files in order, clear my emails, write to certain people I miss, reach out to people I have been putting off reaching out to.

Just following along and engaging in this countdown for 21 days is a challenge in itself.

For myself, I am really looking to create (there’s that word again!) some strong and positive momentum in the next few weeks that will lead me into a strong start to 2021. The world is still unpredictable (and really always was) and yet, bringing you, at your best into 2021 will only make everything better.

I am full of energy just thinking about this!

Who are you at your best? That is the question I am asking myself today. You don’t need a complete answer, just start to think about it.

So what’s your challenge over the next three weeks? What would you like to accomplish that when you do, you feel great about how your year finished up? It can be anything that moves you forward in one or many areas of your life. (Hint: all areas are connected, so what you do in one area will affect all areas.)

Focus on what you can control. Don’t get caught up in what you can’t control, or what might or might not happen.

Finish strong, start stronger.

Challenge yourself to more. You are capable. You are worthy. Show yourself what you can do. Yourself is the only person you need to impress.

Most importantly, to get the most out of this countdown, I encourage you to write down your plans, ideas, progress, encouragements, thoughts as you engage daily. The handwriting/brain connection is a powerful one.

See you tomorrow!