What do you BELIEVE in?

Again, like yesterday, a multi faceted word.

We act on what we believe. Some beliefs are helpful to us and empower us. Some are what we refer to as limiting beliefs. Pausing and thinking before acting can help us to start to gauge the quality of our beliefs.

Our closely held beliefs are developed when we are taught by someone who holds great influence over us, times of trauma, and good times, too. We develop our beliefs because at the time, it serves us to.

Unfortunately, we many times outgrow our beliefs, yet we keep acting on them. This holds us back from living the life we want to live and experiencing the very best in life.

A question I love is “What’s truer than that?” Now is a good time to start asking yourself that question about all of your beliefs.

Some other angles: thinking about your belief in yourself and what you are capable of. What were you told or shown in the past that diminished or built your belief in yourself?

My favorite angle is the higher power conversation.

Skip this part if you want to, but if you want to, ask yourself why? Most of the time what we resist is what would benefit us most to consider.

My belief in my higher power, I call mine my God, is the foundation of my life. I am a spiritual person who gains spiritual fuel from many places. Knowing there is something bigger than me at play in life, believing that I am loved, and that I am here for a reason- all of these things help to bring me peace and purpose. From this, I am able (most of the time- I am human, after all) to offer my best to the world. So many of my positive beliefs originate here with my higher power. I don’t have all of the answers, and having deep faith helps me to feel okay about that. I continue to learn and grow each day.

As we finish out 2020, ask yourself…

What new beliefs have you developed this year? Do these beliefs support you, or work against you?

What beliefs would you like to strengthen and take into 2021 with you? How can these beliefs benefit you in the new year?

What beliefs do you have that you just plain know are not working for you?

What are your top 10 core beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of? If they are not positive, ask yourself first- what’s truer than that? And then, what am I willing to do to strengthen my self belief? And finally, what will I do with my positive self beliefs, to use them on purpose in my favor?

How does this benefit others?

What, that is bigger than yourself, do you believe in? How does having this belief help you?

More than anything, moving into 2021, I hope that you believe in your own goodness, what you have to offer to the world, that you make a difference and are the only one on Earth who can accomplish what you can. That’s because there is only one unique you.