This is the last exploration of gratitude here on the blog for 2021- although it is sure to pop up here and there.

This is a short, but powerful message as we wrap up this year. I talk a lot about mindset and how important it is. We have even learned that a consistent gratitude practice brings more to be grateful for.

Being grateful for what you want, but do not yet have is a way to tune your thinking, your attention and your spirit to receiving it. You create what you think about most of the time. When you spend more time thinking about what you want and being thankful that it is on it way, truly feeling how that feels in your body, you change the energy within you.

You will start to see proof of what you want being on the way. You start to notice ways you can get there, actions you can take. Because you are paying attention and filling yourself with that feeling of gratitude for what is coming, you start to create a new reality.

For the rest of the year I challenge you- yes, another challenge!- to focus on just a few things you would like to be true for you by the end of the year. Spend a few minutes each day thinking about that reality and how you will feel when it is true. No judgement, or questions, just spend time each day doing this. Take the actions you are lead to take, make the choices each day that move you in that direction, and train your mind to acknowledge that what you want it already happening.

Start by writing it down and then spend your thinking time daily- and for the double bonus, you could write them down again each day along with a short description of how you feel when these things are true in your life. Write and think like is already true- that is the secret.

Be curious to see what happens. Use the rest of the year to build this foundation for your thinking and take this new skill into 2022 with you.

With just a few days left in November- take the time to review the month and plan a great month ahead to finish this year strong. What does that mean to you? Go make it happen. Next week I will share some thoughts on how to do just that.