The other day when I was meditating three words came to me. This is the benefit of a long time meditation practice, or one of them- I believe that my brain has become much more creative. Some days its a lot of busyness- yes, that is normal- we are human beings living in the world- a still mind is not a thing for us. Other days, without ever trying to make anything happen, I have a clear insight, as was the case the other day.
The three words that so solidly entered my mind- Clarity, Capacity and Peace.
What was on my mind most at the time was my upcoming podcast appearance with Valorie Burton on her Coaching and Positive Psychology show. (More on that later this month.) My topic was planning and productivity.
In terms of planning- I think the consistent practice of it has the ability to bring all three of those words into our being. Into our life experience.
Planning allows for clarity as you write and explore ideas and strategies. Planning provides clarity as to how much time you REALLY have. This leads to capacity.
How much capacity you have has a lot to do with how full your head is and how mindfully, or not, you have filled your schedule. With careful planning you will start to realize you are actually able to take on more than you thought you could. Dumping everything from your brain out onto paper on a regular basis increases capacity by allowing you to let go of all the thoughts, ideas, to do’s and more you have been spending large amounts of energy grasping on to. Increasing capacity allows you to check those big and small things off your list. Being aware of your capacity allows you to make better choices as to what you do with your time.
When you plan consistently and endeavor to follow your plan to the highest degree, or mindfully change the plan, you will start to feel a lot more peace and a LOT less overwhelm in your mind and body. When you are in peace mode, you can do one thing at a time. You can truly hear what that person is saying to you.
People who work a 9-5 (or more!) job will many times tell me that they are not able to control their work hours, however, after having worked with so many clients over almost 20 years, I can tell you that you still have a multitude of opportunities to bring these three words into your work days and your whole life. Realize you have adopted a way of living and of believing what you do about your circumstances- you believe it, but it is not necessarily the truth.
Right now, as we begin to close out 2021, you have an opportunity to change your story and to play around with a new way of being in the world.
Where in your life could you apply the words clarity, capacity and peace? How might you do it? Just right down the ideas that come to you. There are no wrong answers. Choose one to work with for the rest of the year and just be curious about what starts to shift for you.
It is not always easy to adopt a new way of thinking and behaving, but it IS always possible.
Enjoy your week ahead!