In case you missed last week- I am focused on three words in December-




Last week my focus was on clarity. When you start with getting clear, expanding capacity is possible.

What is capacity? One definition describes it as the maximum amount that something can contain. Also, that maximum that something can produce.

I am focused on the mental aspects of capacity right now. When you get stressed out, over committed, run down and the like, your capacity it likely to plummet.

What increases capacity?

First getting clear on what you want to be true in your life. Spell it out. Move on to some of these ideas:

-Do personal growth work to release things that may have been holding you back all of your life. This may look like taking classes (Onsite is my favorite), working with a therapist and coach, reading, listening, writing. It may also be joining a support group. Getting a handle on your traumas (and there is no judging big or small- the small ones add up, too) is super hard work, takes time and patience, but will also bring great rewards and freedom through expanded capacity.

-Clear your slate. Commit to a period of time of only engaging in what is VITAL (my word for the year). This can seem scary, but the space and time you create in your life is what you will want and need to do your personal work. It is not forever, but until you are able to increase your capacity to say yes to adding more to your plate- this time mindfully so. Plan each week and day this way- mindfully.

-Stop taking on more and only say yes to those things that truly fill you. Fight against FOMO (fear of missing out) as the struggle may be real. Cultivate JOMO (the joy of missing out). When you “miss out” on something, you give yourself the gift of some time! Maybe to just be. At the very least to catch your breath. That party or event or “opportunity” will pass and be forgotten quickly. Commit to rebuild yourself on a solid foundation. Successful people, whole life success is what I mean, are VERY choosy about who they spend time with and how much, what they agree to, the deadlines they agree to, and overall what they do with their time. If you’ve taken the time to become clear, this is so much easier. Treat your life and time as precious, because it is.

-Take care of your health- healthy habits including rest- capacity tanks without it. Maybe now is finally time to address this. Yes, it is work- are you getting the idea that there is a lot of work and a lot of time and patience necessary to create what you want? It is not always hard, but it always is at the beginning of meaningful change. At some point as you stick with it, you hit momentum and things start to flow. Stick with it long enough to see for yourself. Does something need to change with your eating or drinking? Enlist help. Get accountability. Exercise? Sleep? Other health needs you’ve been ignoring or putting off. Are your teeth okay? Everything is important to you being optimal. You taking care of yourself at the highest level creates capacity to experience for goodness in your whole life.

Start with these ideas- what do you want to be experiencing in your life that you are not and what is ONE step, ONE action you are willing to take starting today?

Because having capacity means getting the bills paid on time, not being late for things, cleaning up right after dinner, getting the decorations out, picking up and arranging those flowers, keeping up with deadlines, no stacks piling up stealing your energy, sending out birthday and holiday cards and presents on time, engaging wholeheartedly in things you love to do, being well rested, being on top of your healthcare needs and appointments, meaningful time with family and friends, working on meaningful projects one at a time and so much more.

What eventually comes from all of this? Peace and a sense of contentment and fulfillment with your life. Come back next week for that!