If you’re following along this month, I am challenging you- to challenge yourself! (read the post previous to this one.)

One word that keeps coming up for me is the word effort. It takes effort!

In this world of everything at our fingertips and many tending toward making the choice of least effort, this idea of effort as a good thing is being lost. In the dictionary effort is defined as “a vigorous or determined attempt.”

Vigorous has a lot of life in it! Effort is filled with life fueling energy. We lose much of that vital energy when we aren’t really working toward anything new or exciting or engaging. Just getting through the day, just following the same old routine, doing the same things day in, day out that you always do might seem like a good thing. Aren’t you conserving energy? Isn’t it good to keep some energy stored up?

I am the first person to advocate for rest. Yes, rest and restoration is hugely important. Don’t miss this point though- we need to rest from the effort we are taking in our lives. No effort, no challenge plus resting equals a dull, uninspired and maybe even a bit of a depressing life. So no, you are conserving energy- ask yourself- what do I think  I am conserving it for? Getting through another day? If this is your life, it is time to shake it up! Life it meant to be lived and lived fully.

Yes, the world is challenging, it seems more so all of the time. Yes, we all have personal challenges that happen, uninvited. Decided to be positive and put your best effort into all things will make you feel better and will ACTUALLY BUILD ENERGY, NOT DEPLETE IT. Read that again.

Inviting or taking on a challenge of your choosing is invigorating. You will breath life back into your life. Yes, you do have time.

Lastly, taking on this challenge, using effort, building energy adds meaning to our lives. Meaning is CENTRAL to well being. A few great questions to ask yourself today- handwrite your answers:

What gives my life meaning?

What is meaningful to me?

Who is meaningful to me?

Where is my life lacking meaning?

How and where could I enhance and build the meaning in my life?

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Get inspired! Get excited! One more question for you:

What will it take for you to get yourself to the next level?