Have you ever heard of life force? That which lights you up from the inside, energy, sparkle, vitality. This month I am diving deep into effort and building energy. Vitality and joy for life are what happens when your life force is on all cylinders.

Here’s a quick list making exercise you can do to determine what is happening with your effort. Through taking the effort to do it you can discover clarity and make some new choices in your life, if you’d like to.

Get out a notebook or pad of paper and make some lists. Consider these in all areas- mental, physical and spiritual. (Some things may appear on more than one list.)

List 1– Where my effort goes right now.

Write down everything you can think of, whether you name it good or bad.

List 2– Things I put effort toward because I think (or someone else thinks) I should.

These things likely drain the most life force out of you.

List 3- Things I would like to put more effort toward that I am already doing.

You can start to consider how you might want to take some of the effort energy you have and to divert it here.

List 4– Things I would like to stop, if even temporarily, giving any effort to, or would like to diminish my effort on.

Where you gain back some energy and vitality when you stop or diminish.

List 5– ¬†Where would I like to start giving effort where I haven’t been at all.

New things or things you used to do that you would choose to give effort. These things give you MORE energy.

List 6- Things I truly don’t have a choice about- I have to put effort toward them.

This is an opportunity to think how you might want to change how you are efforting with these.

You are looking to find clarity and to build awareness through these lists. Take your time to really think. Set it down, and go back to it again. Some clear opportunities and possibilities will start to appear. The next question is:

What will I do differently now that I know what I know?

Handwrite all of this.

For the rest of the month, work with these lists and your answer to the question. What knowing emerges?

Discerning where to put your effort and spending time giving effort to things that build your energy- that’s how you regain or amplify your life force. Remember, effort may be hard work, but it can also be rest! Put your best effort into creating a plan that allows you to be at your best– that means taking action, fueling yourself, having fun and excitement, and resting to stay healthy in all ways.

To those who take the time for themselves to do this work- I congratulate you- high fives all around! You will benefit from this investment of time, this effort you make in favor of yourself.