This morning I did my grand finale Live on Instagram for Your Year of Transformation- part of the message I shared was about how great taking on a challenge can be- especially right now.

We have plenty of challenges coming to us, unasked for! I think we can all agree, this is life. I like to frame those as the reasons we know when something is good when it happens. It’s the contrast.

So when I talk about taking on a challenge, this is one that you choose. It could be something like changing your routine in some way or embarking on building a new habit. It could be really deep like taking something about yourself that you’ve always known is not working for you- a way of being, or how you do something- that you might finally be ready to transform. The power in taking on a challenge is great for your mindset, confidence, and high vibe-ability! Which always has an effect on your health, results, or enjoyment of life.

When you transform something you take the thing you have, you work with it and you change it into something else. Another word I am spending a lot of time with recently is reinvent. You don’t scrap everything. You take stock of what you’ve got, where you’ve been, what you have learned. For this to work you must have a firm reason why this is important to you- because it is hard work.

What is important about ______________?  And then you make a solid plan as to what you will do to transform or reinvent yourself or something at work or in your life. Have a coach, and even a therapist depending upon your goals can be very helpful and necessary.

I named my first coaching business Your Year of Transformation because I was able to see how much someone could change their life in a year. It’s not about being finished in a year, it is about who you can become. Most likely more of who you really are and are meant to be.

Take these next couple of days to tie up any loose ends and make a plan for March. What would you like to start to transform in March? Why is it important and how will you do it?

Make this a powerful week to set the tone for the month ahead.