Continuing with alignment this week I am zeroing in on energy.

The level of energy we have is the foundation we are working from- our life force! I am especially thinking about it right now, February in Vermont, it’s cold, short days, not a lot of sunlight. Keeping energy high and positive is not small feat.

It all has to do with your habits and this shows up in a few areas:

-Habits of mind and mindset.

-Habits of movement little and big.

-Habits of spirit and feeling uplifted.

Take a quick check in to see how your energy is right now. Think about how it has been lately. If it is great then- great! If not, where could you use some more positive energy?


What do you like to do that gives you energy?

What have you done in the past that really perks you up, but you haven’t done it lately?

Energy building can show up in a lot of ways- and we are all unique so no one but you knows what works for you. these are some examples:

-Prayer and meditation. Yes, it can be relaxing, too, but building up hope and positivity through these methods can build a lot of great energy.

-Spending time with a friend you love. Lively conversation is a real pick me up!

-Dance party, even for a few minutes by yourself or with others!

-Take a walk- even if it is quick and cold!

-Surprise someone with something fun and good!

-Engage in learning something new. Share what you are learning.

-Watch a funny movie or show and laugh out loud- again, alone or with others!

What else would you add to the list?

-Add some beauty into your life this week- go out and see it, or bring it into your home- with flowers or by rearranging something- you decide!

-Listen to uplifting music and sing along if it has words! Hum if it doesn’t!

Make a plan with your self today. What is your energy building plan for the next week? Get it into your calendar- what, when, who, etc. Now you also build positive energy by have things to look forward to.

This is step one to building a new habit, a new way of being, with intention. Enjoy this new beginning or expansion to what you are already doing!

Feel the alignment of your body, mind and spirit.