Positivity is really a good way to go! It’s healthy and just plain helps you to enjoy your life better.

You’ve heard it before, but it is more crucial now than ever before.

The world is full of negativity – did you know that? Yup, we don’t have to go looking for it- it just is. So we have to be prepared to help ourselves to live our best lives along with the negativity. It is not going away, nor should we pretend it doesn’t exist or try to ignore it.

Instead we can choose to work with it and with our minds to create different thoughts about it.

Aligning yourself with more supportive thoughts and mindset has so many benefits, your health being the biggest.

What to do? It is really a matter of awareness and practice. Don’t be judgmental of yourself when a negative thought comes up, instead be curious about it- what is this really all about? So much of the time our thinking is just habitual. When we take a pause to question our thoughts we might realize that the thoughts we were having were not even true or valid. Pausing is crucial to changing your thoughts and recognizing the truth.

Once you look at your thought you can reframe it. Reframing is simply changing your thought. You can do this by asking yourself “what is really the truth here?” and one of my favorite questions “what is truer than that?” Now you can create a different thought that will support you. You can break the cycle of negative thinking that many are in one thought at a time. Again, you created the habit honestly, so no judging yourself. It will not be easy and it will not happen over night- be committed to yourself for the long haul. Forever its that is what it takes! Make reframing your new habit.

Another tool I will invite you to check out is on the resource page at KimberlyDuBrul.com -There you will find a quick assessment called Clarity in 8 Areas of Your Life. Print it out and handwrite your answers. Gaining clarity is going to impact your thinking and ability to pause and reframe your thoughts. Aligning yourself through gaining life clarity is a great foundation to creating what you want to experience in your life.