One of my guiding words for 2024 is the word powerful. For me, it is about being personally powerful. Powerful on my own behalf. I am still in the midst of strategizing all of the ways I can use this word this year, but a few strong ideas have already emerged.

The definition of personal power- what I am going for- refers to the inner strength, confidence and resilience individuals possess to take control their own lives, make decisions and pursue goals.

These are all ways I plan to use my word powerful. It will be primarily through asking myself questions.

What does a personally powerful person look like in action? What would a powerful person do in this situation?

I can apply these questions when deciding what to do with my time, for instance. What to say yes to and when to say no.

I can tap into my feelings for information. How powerful do I feel in this situation? If I am not feeling very powerful, that is good information for me-  maybe it is not the place, situation, project, person for me.

Power isn’t something to have over someone, power is knowing yourself, knowing what works for you, setting boundaries and enforcing the boundaries you set. Sometimes being powerful is saying or doing nothing. And sometimes it is speaking up and taking action.

Above all it is intentional. It takes a pause (something I have mentioned in many blog posts over the years) to think and then act.

Reacting is the opposite of powerful.

Sticking to your goals is powerful and so is doing things that are good for you, even and especially when you don’t feel like it. It looks like believing in yourself, trusting yourself, a relationship with a higher power, going to bed early, getting up early, following your schedule- even having a schedule in the first place! All of these are possibilities.

Speaking your truth is powerful, if done in the right way.

If this resonates with you, take these two questions and use them every chance you get this year:

Does what I am about to do or say feel powerful? How will I feel about myself after I do or say it?