There is something fun I began many years ago and that is choosing a word to guide my year ahead.

At first, as I was doing my reflect and review of the previous year, I began to see that there was always a theme in hindsight- in other words, a word that happened TO me. Seeing this I thought, what if I start choosing a work for myself? I thought that if I defined the word and lived it actively for a whole year I could make positive changes, opportunities and experiences that move me in the direction of what I want in my life.

If you are interested in this idea- start with this: Reflect on the past year. What things did you do, what were you engaged with, both easy and challenging. When you think about the whole year, what theme or word arises? In other words, what was last year about for you? (You can do this even if you did choose a word for last year.)

If you DID choose a word for the year 2023- reflect on how it showed up, how you used it, where you were challenged and how it helped you. What did you learn from your word of the year?

Thinking ahead for 2024, choose a guiding word that represents something you would like to create more of in your life.

Last year my word was presence– I shared about that journey in last week’s blog post- I learned a lot from purposefully bringing presence into my life. I learned about the past and the future and how much time I spend in those places and I improved some relationships and communication by being more intentionally present. Presence helped me to take better care of myself, as well. (read more in the blog)

This year, two words came up for me- I have never used two words. They showed up for me well before 2023 had ended and I knew they were my words. Powerful and Stylish. They both mean so many things and I will write about each of them in the next two week’s blog posts. For a sneak peak make sure you are subscribing to my weekly newsletter where I will share a short video about my 2024 words for the year.

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