In all of the years I have been coaching I have never seen a word get such a bad rap as the word resolution. I remain truly devoted to the word and I will share with you why.

I have many thoughts about the poo poo-ing of the word resolution and one theory I have is that it has made it easy for two things to happen. People who want to be heard coming up with a new angle have to put down the old angle in the process and also putting down the word- I don’t like it, doesn’t work for me, etc is just reason to not set a goal. Overall, we have been trained to view setting resolutions negatively. We hear so much about those who set a resolution and don’t make it to the 30 day mark, however, there are PLENTY of people who DO stick with it and reach their goals. We don’t always hear about that. 

Decide to be one of those.

Be sure- I really don’t mind what you call it- goal, intention, hope, plan, or resolution- the coach in my just wants to do have a vision and to have you execute on it.

Here’s my take on resolutions that I find so powerful. (My word for 2024!) I decided to share more about this thought after appearing on the WCAX New Year’s Day newscast this year. THIS has gotten the most positive comments from everyone. See how you might use it.

The word resolute means admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. Woo- that is a GREAT start, right? Why wouldn’t we want that energy on our side to begin with? What can get tricky is the feeling of unbending and inflexibility that goes along with being resolute.

So my idea is– start with your resolution(s), be resolute. It means you are serious. Add in a good dollop of flexibility because you are human. This looks like life happening and you getting off track. Remedy: you pause to discern what got you off track, you learn from that, you get back on track.

NOWHERE is it written that you must never go off track in order to reach your goals. Having a goal means you get into action and point yourself toward what you want. Flexibility might end up looking like changing your mind- not because you quit, because you realize something new is important as you are moving forward. You will most certainly go off track along the way. Accept it as part of the process.

It is totally great to review your resolutions- often- to adjust. So you are resolute, but your flexibility is what allows you to move through obstacles, etc, that you may or may not have anticipated. You have the opportunity to experiment, change your approach along the way. Review at least once a week to make sure you are taking the next right actions that are moving you in the direction you want to go in.

What would setting a resolution and then co-creating this year with flexibility look like for you? How could taking on this mindset, this way of thinking, help you to get moving and stay moving, along with the pauses and aha’s along the way?

Be powerful this year!