This is a simple post!

I am sitting and reflecting on the first half of the month so far. My monthly theme, simplicity by my side, I think- how am I doing? Admittedly, it has been tough.

My idea has been to just be- no creating, executing, lightening up my schedule, increasing space. We are at mid August and I am finally starting to just be. I think this could have been the best thing to do since it has been a challenge.

To turn off my thinking, solving, creating and action taking brain has been interesting. I have had to stop myself several times to say- you’re not doing that this month. I am finally getting to the place where I feel more comfort in just being. Thankfully I have a few more weeks to do deeper with it and I am not giving in to the pull to be busy doing, creating and thinking. I am writing this for accountability, as much as for anything else!

Here’s a check in for you if you are following along with me bringing simplicity into your life this month:

-How are you doing so far? What have you simplified for yourself, even if it’s not perfect yet?

-What obstacles have you encountered?

-What opportunities do you see for simplifying? (Remember awareness itself is always a win!)

-Go back to my post from a couple of weeks ago and check in around the areas of your life.

-What one thing will you commit to doing (or not doing) in the spirit of simplification starting to day and consistently for the rest of the month?

It feels good, this refining simplicity. Get to know yourself in this area and what it means to you. Where have things gotten complicated? Remember, too, one little shift can really change everything!