If you can truly get your head around this, you will live a happy life. An audacious prediction, I know.

Here it is:

You are the only one responsible for your happiness. AND part two- you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. Whew what a relief! Maybe it feels like relief to you, but if you are like most people, these thoughts can be confusing. We were not taught this.

Now this does not mean that you stop doing nice things for other people, but it does mean you will do nice things because it makes you happy, not because you think you should or you are trying to manipulate something.

Still having trouble with this? You might be, it would be normal. It is not selfish to focus on your own happiness and it is a gift to others to have a happy you running around.

Here’s a really accessible way to start being consistent with actions that raise your happiness.

      1. Make a list of all the things you love to do. Things that you would not want to live life without doing.

Some things on my list currently are yin yoga, spinning, outdoor walks, visits to the farm for great food and warm drinks, watching Nancy Drew with Rowan on Wednesday nights, reading an hour a day, morning writing and meditation, family dinners with whoever is at home.

2. Next, as you do your planning for the week ahead, you schedule as many things from your list as possible. Big or small it doesn’t matter Getting them into your schedule is key.

3. Follow your schedule!  The most challenging part if you are changing things up. You are up against your old habits, and may encounter resistance from others who might be affected by your changes.

Start to test this, without judgement for the next few weeks and HAVE FUN! Learn something, start again!