One way to get stronger in your business and your life?  Pause.  Taking time to think, plan, reflect, review and even rest is essential to reaching your biggest goals and creating the life you want to live.

Many of us lead busy lives and just go go go until maybe a vacation- go go go on vacation only to return exhausted. And back to work we go!  Only to repeat the cycle over and over again.

You don’t need to own your own business to go on a retreat (but if you do, it should be a non negotiable at least once a year, if not more- I prefer quarterly.)

Everyone can use a retreat- and there are many different ways you can do it.

Some ideas are a day locally where you go somewhere- preferably with good food!- and work, think, plan and relax. I have camped out in one place, and I have also done the coffee shop hop- changing my location several times in a day.

You can go somewhere for an overnight and take a couple of days, or more, to retreat- changing your scenery is helpful to taking a retreat. You can stay at home, however, it can be tempting to do housework and chores if you stay at home.

I do a daily retreat 3 times a year and I do a longer one once a year in the fall. So every quarter I do a retreat and at the very least I ask myself-

-What has worked in the last quarter?

-What has not worked?

-Where am I in relationship to my goals for the year?

-What is still important, what is no longer important?

-What do I want to add to my goals?

-What am I proud of myself for?

-What are my fixes for where I am off track?

-What will I do differently in the next quarter?

I look at there questions for all of the areas of my life.  And I take my time. If I am doing my own retreat- which I usually do- I may have a few coaching sessions set up throughout the time to talk things through along the way- or sometimes its just me and my thoughts.

I try to have some movement in there somewhere because I know it helps me to think better. If it’s a day retreat, I will make sure I had a great workout that morning and that I start somewhere where I can get a healthy breakfast. I stand up and move every 90 minutes and I make sure to eat lunch, too, to keep my brain fueled.

I am just on my way back from a retreat in Clearwater Beach Florida. It is the first time I have attended a retreat put on by someone (thought I put them on for others all of the time!) and it was valuable this time to be surrounded by some like minded individuals and to not have to think about my food and materials for a few days, everything was done for me. I am glad I tried something new- something I always advocate for- try new things!

The picture attached to this post is the view I had from my room at sunset. I arrived early and began my own retreat work when I arrived. I think no matter where you go or how long your retreat is, it is important to be in a beautiful place that inspires you, whether an uplifting cafe or the beach or ski resort or on a rock by the lake, etc.

My take aways from my retreats are immense- I am clearer, focused and organized.  I am rested and peaceful. I have my roadmap for the coming months- in the case of my fall retreat, I have my roadmap for the 4th quarter and I have sketched out my vision for next year. Before you head out to your retreat- know what you are going and have written clear intentions for the outcomes you are looking to create.

Have you ever been on a retreat?  What is your favorite way to retreat? Let me know!