Grace has been a word that has intrigued me for a long time.  In my coaching practice I use values cards with my clients and grace is one of the words in the deck.  Having pulled the card out many times over the years, I have explored the word’s meaning both in the dictionary and in other places.

If you look up the meaning of the word GRACE you will find definitions like these:

simple elegance or refinement of movement

courteous good will

an attractively polite manner of behaving

and the one that has meant the most to me:

the free and unmerited favor of God, a divinely given talent or blessing, the condition or fact of being favored by someone

This is the one that got me thinking, so I explored.  I talked to people, read, observed. I started to notice all of the good things that happen around me- you notice those things when you are looking for them. I started doing this during a particularly challenging time in my life, a time where the good things were not obvious. Only they were once I started to pay attention. What I learned is that grace works through people from your higher power- I call mine God- God needs people to work grace through- all of those times someone did something for me that seemed unmerited or unwarranted- like I am not worthy of this, or who am I to have this good fortune- I am not deserving, but it happened for me anyway. That’s grace.

Grace can also show up in a sunset or the right article or post that you really needed in that moment. It turns things around for you.

Things show up, people show up, offers show up, you win something, someone sends you a referral, someone holds the door for you, someone offers to buy you coffee or lunch, you receive an encouraging word. Grace shows up FOR you- and is everyday if you become aware and you look for it. Stop and think today- think of one thing that happened that you have appreciated that was unexpected, that was great and you didn’t necessarily ask for it or deserve it.  Got one?

Here’s mine.  Today I had three clients scheduled and one meeting afterward. None of them went as planned, in fact for the the last two we didn’t even end up meeting because someone was sick and someone was taking care of someone else who was unwell. The grace came when I decided to use the time to get something important done – it was on my list, but no actual time to get it done- and then there was.  And then- I went for a walk because I just happened to have my yoga clothes with me for yoga tonight- so I changed my clothes and got outside. Now my newsletter is done and I got out and walked on probably one of the nicest days we have left this fall temperature wise. Those things were not in the cards at the start of the day when I was cleaning where the dog had thrown up and I missed my morning workout. My meeting with a new collaborator was energizing and fun!

YOU are also a conduit for grace. Grace works THROUGH you. Can you even imagine the number of times each day that you are or could be a conduit of grace, that you and who you are, what you do, or say is and could be a true blessing for someone else? YOU are a game changer! We are all equipped to channel grace- we just have to be open, aware and open to being that.

Grace works FOR you.

Grace works THROUGH you.

Recognizing the power of grace makes you stronger in so many ways. Grace allows you to put differences aside, to forgive someone, to forgive yourself, to make someones day. When you allow grace to happen for you you say yes when someone wants to hold the door or buy you lunch. When a hug is offered, you accept it. We are in this together. One full circle- give and receive.

So in the coming month of November where we traditionally think the most about what we are grateful for- think about employing grace full speed ahead in your life. Grace and gratitude go hand and hand. Fill yourself with it. You will raise your vibration, allowing more of all the good to come your way, and the energy to be grace for others in ways you have not yet experienced.

This is a spiritual, not religious practice, an energy to tap into. Go on your own exploration and be open to what you will find.