Yes, I did!  Me and 11.999 of my new friends met at the State Farm Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks last Saturday. I checked this off my bucket list- seeing Oprah on one of her tours- this one, her 2020 Vision Tour. I am going to write more about my many take aways in the month of February, for today, though, I want to share about an important point I heard and believe in.

That point is about getting still. Being quiet. Oprah said something I have heard before, but coming from her, just a few feet away and seeing her face as she said it- it was something like being still and quiet is where the answers come from. I know that when I am quiet I am able to access clarity. And by being quiet and not trying to solve things, answers arrive. Many times answers that I didn’t even know I was looking for.

One of the most profound moments of the event was when Oprah introduced The Big Quiet. The Big Quiet is a mass meditation movement that gathers thousands of people for large-scale moments of quiet, connection and unplugged performances– at some of the most iconic places in the world. Jesse Israel came to the stage and he had 12,000+ people sitting in pure silence! What magic. For one minute. I have added their web address to this post below.

We all lead busy lives and more and more people are starting to realize that in today’s world, time out for silence is essential. No matter how long it is. Stopping to breath, closing your eyes just for a moment or two, or full on meditation practice- they are all valuable.

I still recommend to all of my clients the Insight Timer app where you can learn to meditate, listen to brain enhancing music, and be guided in just about any life instance from less than a minute to over an hour. There is no right or wrong way, just be patient with yourself. Let go of expectations- many times nothing seems to happen, but I have seen the compounding effects in my life with stress lowering, and less reactiveness, more creativity and groundedness.

I just created a check list for Winter, which is a perfect time to spend some time being quiet, by the way. Go to my website to find it in the resource section, or in my February 2 newsletter, if you are a subscriber- which I hope you are!

For now- your coaching homework, should you choose to accept it- do a 7 day stillness challenge. Everyday, for a minute (or more) be still- on your own or get the free Insight Timer app.  Pick the time of day and try to stick to it for consistency, but no matter when you do it- it is the perfect time.

More to come on all that I took away from Oprah’s 2020 Vision tour throughout the month of February!