A quick blog post this week!

EGB’s- Energy Giving Behaviors. These are behaviors that give you energy when you do them.

Today is a good day to review yours. What do you do that gives you energy?

Some of the things that give me energy are watching funny shows, especially with my kids. Speaking in front of a group, disco music, reading, getting enough sleep, meditation, cycling class, walking in nature, especially with a friend who I love to talk with.

The trick is to make sure that you are engaging in these behaviors on a consistent basis,

And decreasing your energy busting behaviors, at the same time.

Some of these might be unhealthy food and drink, not getting enough sleep, too much time scrolling social media, living in a constant state of stress, watching violent tv, watching the news, being disorganized and living/working in cluttered spaces, negative mindset.

The trick here is to start to decrease these types of behaviors- not to judge yourself, And to be patient and work on building energy and decreasing the energy stealers one day at a time with a good plan.

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