It is certainly normal in our world today to feel uncertain! And a good part of the time, too. I heard today- “Uncertainty is the new normal.” We knew that, right? Maybe we haven’t said it or thought it specifically, but we KNOW that is true.

The thing is, things were always uncertain, we just didn’t know it. It wasn’t always so in our face. We are much more aware of it now.

We have to be really careful, if we are to live a full, meaningful and enjoyable life not to let uncertainty stop us. I shared in my YouTube video this week that having a plan and following it will almost always help us to deal with things when we get those feelings of uncertainty. Our plan gives us structure and boundaries and takes out the in the moment guesswork.

When you have set up a strong structure you are more likely to be resilient and to be able to recalculate. You stop being at the whim of life and instead start co-creating with it.

When working with my business clients we talk about having a plan, but being flexible with it. Having the plan helps you to make sensible choices about what to do with your time. Act as if everything is certain when you make your plan, but know that employing flexibility and resilience will help you make a new plan at any time if warranted. It is so much easier than starting from scratch.

We can have all of the plans in the world and still the unexpected will strike. It is called normal life and it is certainly normal! Just accepting that fact can be freeing. Learn to be more resilient and emotionally strong and you will not fear these times and you will be able to create something positive out of them.

In memory of our dear girl dog Carolina, who we lost on 1/6/22 I will say she taught me a lot about uncertainty,by way of creating your own certainty and being happy no matter what. Her strong spirit within her kept her hopeful always, feeling certain even against any possible odds-like when she would get food (dinner time is 5 and many days she came asking at 3:30) certain she had a chance at an early dinner. We know, dogs are unconditional in their love and certainty- never losing hope. How can you use this hopeful spirit of certainty to temper uncertainty in your life? Where could you use a little more belief and a little less worry about what hasn’t happened yet?

When your mind starts to wander and worry about things that haven’t happened, aren’t happening or may never happen adopt a habit of asking yourself:

What is the truth right now?

Listen to your answer and go a layer deeper.

What is even truer than that?

You have the power within you to find your own peace and to co-create with uncertainty and certainty. Ask questions, take care of your body, mind and spirit this year- there is so much to explore for yourself, within yourself over the next months- get yourself curious and excited to see what might reveal itself to you!