One of the most fun things to do at the end/beginning of a year (I think) is to reflect back on your favorite things from the year you are just wrapping up.

What were those things that made your year fun, memorable, enjoyable? Despite the hardships, lack of certainty and anything that was less than enjoyable these things added a bring spot to your life.

I am going to share my favorites from 2021 with you- this is just partial because I will encourage you to write this list down for yourself and include things you might not share with everyone. Things like your favorite person to spend time with in the past year. There are many more possibilities for favorites beyond what I am sharing here, so get creative!

My 2021 Favorites:

Favorite book– The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Favorite Apps– Audible (favorite Audible book this year was Greenlights by Matthew McConaughhey) and the Goodreads app. (I love tracking my reading for the year and the beautiful report they give you at the end of the year.)

Favorite places to travel to- NYC and Marco Island, FL- this has not changed pretty much in my adult life and I feel fortunate to have enjoyed time in both places in 2021 and took my first two week break ever at the beach.

Favorite podcasts- Unlocking Us with Brene Brown and Coaching and Positive Psychology with Valorie Burton.

Favorite place to get coffee and treats- Kru Coffee in Burlington, VT- the super kind baristas put the icing on the cake.

Favorite place to get coffee, grain free treats and incredible dinners– The Blank Page Cafe at the Bread and Butter Farm, Shelburne, VT- I can not say enough about how this community positively impacts my life in every way. Major gratitude.

Favorite planning tools– Panda Planner (Monthly edition- lasts a whole year) and the appointment book I have been using for as long as I can remember: Gallery Leather LG 192 (Pro)

Favorite Persian food– yes, I am making this a category because we love the Micromobile Kitchen (Burlington, VT) and the amazing food that Daryoush serves up with love. I have tried many new very nourishing things year because of him.

Favorite sneakers– my official go-to sneakers (they got me through several 100 mile months, and many near 100 mile months) On Sneakers. I have ordered the same pair three times in a row!

Favorite fancy dinner– EB Strongs on Church Street in Burlington. Once again, the food is great, but the people make the difference.

Favorite skincare- Tata Harper is my main brand. It is somewhat pricey, but lasts a while and I am not constantly reordering. What I like most are the clean and local ingredients.

Favorite teapot- I have never had an electric teapot and I got one this year. Rowan was here for a while and I got hooked on using hers, so ordered one after she left. The model is Cosori CO108-NK. Rowan taught me that the water for tea must be heated to the right temperature because of contaminants and what not- I paid attention to that!

Favorite places to run and walk- Shelburne Farms and the Burlington Bikepath- both get me near the lake, which I love. My out of state favorite- absolutely Central Park, NYC.

Favorite workouts (besides walking)-

REV Indoor Cycling, both virtual and now in studio!  And The Class Digital Studio- both really life me up while giving me a great workout.

Favorite miscellaneous

Decomposition Books (for my Morning pages, a favorite part of my morning routine.)

Pilot G-2 pens- especially the ones with polka dots

Balega socks

Bella Grace Magazine

Simple Abundance Day Book

Jesus Calling, Daily Devotional

DW Candles- especially the crackling ones

Favorite routines:

Saturday morning walk with good friend, coffee at Kru and then Al Anon Meeting.

Morning routine- wake up, meditate, write and workout.

Sunday morning breakfast with my husband and I take a Sabbath Day on Sundays where I stay off from computer and social media unless there is something important going on that I want to share.

Sunday afternoon planning session for the week ahead.

Sunday night- I use this journal called Moon Lists to capture some thoughts based on the prompts.

I hope that by sharing these, I have given you a way to recognize some of the important things in your life that might go unnoticed. You might also be inspired to go on a quest to find your favorites this year! Have fun doing it!