As promised as I finished up my “last call” of 2021- a list of great questions to ask yourself that will help you to gain clarity and to plan a year ahead that you will love.

Your big investment is in the time you give yourself to sit with a notebook without distraction to think and write. The more time the spend, the clearer things will become. I suggest taking some time each week to sit with these questions, consider your answers throughout January as you solidify goals and plans for 2022. Be willing to give yourself the time, and you will be rewarded with not only clarity, but capacity and peace. Take your time with these.

Questions for reflection:

What went well in 2021?

What didn’t go so well?

What did you learn?

What will you do differently based on what you learned in2021?

What is left unfinished?

What did you want to start, but didn’t?

What is still important that will carry over into 2022?

What is no longer important?

How would you like to have more fun in 2022?

What would you like to learn?

Who would you like to spend more time with? Less time?

What truths about yourself are you ready to face head on, do the work and move beyond for greater enjoyment and freedom in your life?

What groups would you like to join?

What would benefit your health most optimally?

What are your most important financial goals and who can help you?

How would you like to be there for your family?

In what ways would you like to support your community?

What big goals could you set for 2022, even if you don’t know how they could happen? Think BIG!

What about your personality, character or personal habits would you like to explore and make some changes with?

Who is on your support team? – make a list of everyone who supports you in your life. Consider adding a coach and a good therapist to your support team if you haven’t already.

What would you like to read in 2022?

What one word theme will you guide your year by?

What new habits would you like to take on? Why is it important?

What would I like to make more time for?

What will you delegate?

What will my morning, evening and sleep routines look like?

What little things will you do each day to make my life enjoyable?

How could you make my environments more enjoyable?

What words do you need to speak to someone to clear something up, apologize, or speak your truth? Maybe this is the year you will do it- what has to happen in order for you to do this?


These questions should get you thinking! You will probably think of many more you would like to ask yourself, as well- that’s great!

Approach with work with curiosity and without judgement of yourself. Congratulate yourself for being the kind of person who is willing to do this work. Many never will.