My last post of 2021!  Wow did this year fly by. I have heard it said that time is actually speeding up, which sounds like an odd idea, but it feels possibly true.

I love planning and setting goals- especially at the first of the year- it is my favorite fresh start of the year! I know it is not that way for everyone, so I thought I would also share my favorite way to begin.

It is fun, enlightening and gives you the ability to see more clearly where you might like to go in 2022. It’s the most important place to start.

It’s called reflection. Reflection of your year, 2021- looking back at your calendar (and any planning books) starting with January and going all the way through the year.

What are you looking for?

-People you enjoyed being with.

-Events and things you were involved in that you enjoyed.

-When you had fun.

-What you did that you are proud of.

-What you didn’t enjoy- people, places, situations and things.

What might occur to you:

-How you might amplify the good things and expand them in 2022.

-What you want to say no to for sure.

-People you want to spend more and less time with.

-Things that you want to do, places you want to go and projects you want to start or complete that you did not in 2021.

All you need is a notebook, pen, and all calendars and planning materials you used in 2021.

It’s the most important place to start! Because this last year of your life has given you PLENTY of clues as to what you want most in your life- you only have to take the time to find them.

This is a great New Years day activity. Just the reflection. Get that part done- next week we will talk about what to do with what you discovered. Or just go ahead and start planning your year!

Happy New Year 2022 to you and thank you for reading my blog!