I have a simple message for this week.

Where you are right now, this is where you are. Just start here.

Just for this next week be where you are now. Release the thoughts of what happened, what might have happened and anything else from the past. Just to take a break from it.

I am a huge advocate for doing the work of personal growth, including really examining childhood and your past- have a great therapist for this work- and sometimes we also need a break. Switch your focus this week. Especially if you find yourself, as I have at times, ruminating over something difficult that happened- to keep your brain healthy you need a break.

To keep your life joyful, you need a break.

Get yourself present by writing a massive list of gratitudes. Handwritten pages of things that you can be grateful in your life, things you are grateful for about yourself, etc. Soak that in.

This week live in the present and at the same time be thinking about what you want to call in to 2022. You may have already been doing this- now the year is in full swing- take another look.

What do you want to experience this year?

I would like to feel more___________

I would like to experience______________

I would like to create______________

I would like to do______________

I would like to learn______________

I would like to train for ______________

I would like to increase_________________

Just to get you started. Just start here. Pick one or all. Even one focused on this year will be life changing over your whole life.

Ask yourself “What traits, resources, strengths and abilities do I already have that can help me with ___________” Fill in the blank with the one you picked. Write out your list.

And then ask yourself my favorite Darren Hardy question ever- “Who do I have to become in order to_____________” Fill in the blank with the one you picked.

What traits does that person have that you don’t? What strengths would you want to develop, what resources might you gain, what new habits and abilities would you want to learn in order to be the person who gets the results you are looking for.

From here you can determine the actions you are going to have to take. Willingness is the first step. Knowing why you want it is second, knowing what you need in order to achieve it and the actions you must take come next.

Consistency with actions must be your truth. 

This is the week to get grounded in your truth, here and now. To make a decision about what you want right now and in this year. This is where you start right now. You might change your mind later. That is great. It only matters that you start here and now with what you know now.

More weeks are slipping by.

Just start here. With a few deep breaths. Just start here.

PS- I do a limited number of one on one Strength Sessions– if you’ve never looked in depth at the strengths of who you are as a person, doing this will greatly help you in putting more of these pieces together in a powerful way. Email me for details. Kimberly@kimberlydubrul.com