Or you might need a lot! The truth is that we can be way out of alignment on some things, and just a little on others- or we can even feel like we are out of alignment in all areas of our lives.

Maybe not surprisingly, the pandemic has caused more people to feel out of alignment in their lives because life for most of us was turned upside down. You can be upset by that, and rightly so anyone might agree, OR you can look at it as an opportunity to re-align, reinvent the who of you right now.

Alignment means, definition wise, basically having everything line up. Everything agrees. It could be any and all of these types of alignment:









and really everything you can think of. You can ask “How does this align with my beliefs, best interests, performance, filling in the blank_______________?

When you know what is important to you in all areas of your life and then you are willing to look honestly at where you are right now in all areas of your life you can clearly see the mis-alignment. This is a great way to get clarity. From there you can begin to plan and then take the steps to become aligned- to be you, at your very best.

A lot of people don’t do this because it takes time, it feels like work. it takes energy. Not as much as you think, but it does. The secret is that it is so worth it to take this time and there is nothings better than to devote some time and energy to you developing you!

As we approach February- or whenever you are reading this is a good time- your homework should you choose to accept it is to think through all of the nooks and crannies of your life to discern where you are in alignment with things and where you are not. Think what you are willing to do about it and start to formulate a plan.

You may find you are going to align with completely new routines, for instance, because the tried and true is only still around because it was easier, not because it was serving you.

Start to think and write about this, this week! More to come on alignment, this is just the beginning!