There is never a better time to recalibrate your life, in my opinion, than during the change of seasons.

Summer into Fall calls for a lot of recalibrating- just look what nature is doing- completely breaking down! But doing it with a gorgeous flourish! We can, too!

We might take a cue from the falling leaves to also let some things fall away in our lives.

As we move into fall, days are shorter so we are changing up our morning and evening routines- maybe tweaking, maybe a complete overhaul! This is what I call fine tuning in our lives.

However, something bigger may be happening, as well. You may feel the urge to quit something. To bring some area or areas of your life into a more intentional balance.

Quitting gets a bad rap, but it sometimes necessary to the happiness of our lives to learn to gracefully quit things. Situations, work that does not bring joy or fulfillment, a workout that is hurting more than helping, watching less than life affirming tv shows- just a few examples.

Quitting leaves room for recalibrating– what would you like to do with that time you have opened up? Remember doing nothing is sometimes a good choice, too.

As the season changes, what are you called to recalibrate in your life? Use the energy of what is happening in the natural world to support you.

Remember, when making changes in your life, greater self care is necessary, even more than you think. Get more rest, get outside, spend quiet time with a pen and paper, look around at the beauty before you, exercise, get some body and/or energy work, talk to a trusted friend or two, coach, therapist- get your foundation set.

Most of all breath deeply as you glide into autumn. And enjoy the transition. slowing down will be a great practice right now.