Shine brightly, vivacious, witty, glittering- I am thinking that these are some great words to own as we begin a new year. These words are full of life and energy.

This week, as a fresh new year begins a great question to ask yourself, from the world of reinvention, is:

What would bring more life to my life?

Thinking about what things, that when you do them, they fill you with positivity, they add to the happiness of your life. What are those things? How could you plan to do more of them in 2023?

Another great question, to get at the other side:

What drains life from my life?

This could be a person, a situation, a habit- so many things. What are they and how could you plan to remove, or reduce their part in your life in 2023?

Take a few minutes to think about these two questions and write down your thoughts. As you ease into the year, give yourself some time to continue to add to your thoughts and let some solid goals rise to the surface. Find 2-3 that would be the most important to execute on in the new year, knowing that 2-3 will affect so many other things in your life.

And Happy Happy New Year to you! May this be your best year ever, by your own definition.