It’s Gratitude Challenge 2020 Time!

I was teaching a class on the Character Strength of Zest today- something that is hard to come by these days. Zest is described as approaching life with excitement and energy, not doing things halfway or halfheartedly, living life as an adventure and feeling alive and activated. “Zestiness” may not be your natural state of … Continued

The High Vibe Challenge Day 16: Gratitude

Welcome to Day 16! According to research, gratitude is one of the strengths most associated with life satisfaction and happiness.It is connected with living a life of meaning.  It already sounds like a worthy pursuit, right? Another thing I have learned is that gratitude and fear can not exist in the same moment. That idea, … Continued

The High Vibe Challenge Day 12: You At Your Best!

Welcome to Day 12! Watch out, I am feeling really really good this morning! Maybe it is the sun, butter coffee from the Blank Page Cafe, or the great workout I just did- I don’t know for sure, but it is probably a strong combination of all and the rest of my morning routine. The … Continued

Applying the Best of Who You Are

I love this quote from The Universe (aka Mike Dooley): “It is simply a matter of applying who you are to what you now face. That’s all that matters.” It speaks to me on so many levels.  It supposes that who you are is plenty enough to do good in this time, to have the … Continued

Stronger!- With Gratitude

I am fresh off a week of surrounding myself with gratitude.  I started by doing my gratitude challenge, writing 25 gratitudes each day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 100 on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday. After immersing yourself in gratitude that way, I can tell you it’s hard to turn it off. I have so … Continued