The 6th and final pillar of well being is HEALTH!

I am nervous about writing this post because it is so important! I want to do it justice. I am not a physical or mental health professional or a doctor. I have been studying mental wellness for over 20 years, and I draw from that continued study, along with my own life experiences. If you are in a physical or mental health crisis of any kind- please seek out a professional right away. I am writing this post for most who are doing okay and would like to be doing even better.

Having a strong and healthy mind and mindset is determines everything about how you experience your life. Health and being healthy are at the foundation of our ability to live the fullest and most optimal life. Optimal health is personal to each of us- and it is both mental and physical.

The office of Population Affairs describes optimal health as a dynamic balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health.

I want to just sum it up simply by saying- you feel really great! You have energy, your thinking is clear, you are able to move in whatever way works for you, you are engaged with people and things that you love to do.

This month I am especially focused on mental health as May is Mental Health Awareness Month. And here again I will do some summing up! EVERYTHING affects your mental health.

All of the choices you make good, bad or otherwise affect your brain, your thinking, your clarity, your emotional state. Mental health and wellness take work. We live in a world that is constantly a threat to how we think and feel. Combatting that takes intention and willingness. We all need work and help in this area. All of us!

There are many things that we can do to increase the level of our mental health. Don’t wait until you are challenged to start these habits, start now. If you are already challenged (we all are!), start now! It is really interesting to me how many different things I write about and it always comes down to the core actions. Take care of yourself.

Take care of your body and mind and your body and mind will take care of you.

A few things that you might not think about affecting your mental health unhealthy ways:

– Not getting enough good rest.

-Having a poor diet lacking in all good nutrients, not eating enough food, eating too much food.

-Feeling uncomfortable in your body- this could be weight, but it could also be an injury or a problem that you are neglecting.

-Living under a lot of stress- where you live, with whom, the work you do.

-Not getting outside in nature, not moving your body in healthy ways, working up a sweat, moving.

-Financial stress and not proactively working a plan.

One thing that can help is to learn to boost your courage. Courage? Yes! Look down through this list above. What fears come up for you? I might miss out on something, I might have to give up my favorite foods, I don’t have time to eat, it would be too hard to move/find a new job, people won’t understand, I’ll never get bills paid off.

Continuing bad habits in these areas have a pay off- they are know factors to you.You can stay uncomfortably comfortable. If you are start doing something differently, that is an unknown factor. We human beings have not learned to love unknowns. But the stress is going to finally decrease your mental and physical wellness if you don’t do something about it. No one can make you- YOU have to make you. What kind of a life do you want to live?

Once you decide that you and your life are worth it, you will make the changes- and a whole new world is waiting for you.

Take some time to journal today regarding your optimal mental health and what I have shared here. What small changes can you start to make today? Who can help you? Who will hold you accountable.