Are you ready to live your life more fully starting this month? April is all about well being!

And it is the perfect month for it- with spring energy on our side we will explore all of the domains of well being and if you choose to, engage in expanding each in your life.

The domains of well being form an acronym: PERMAH. This framework was developed by Dr. Martin Seligman, also considered the father of positive psychology.

P is for Positive Emotions.

E is for Engagement.

R is for Relationships.

M is for Meaning.

A is for Accomplishment.

H is for Health.

Each of the next six weeks I will be sharing (enthusiastically!) ideas, information and a few challenges along the way to give you a good look at what these areas are, what they mean to living a full and beautiful life. 

For now, to get ready, do a quick assessment on your month of March-

Did you take on a challenge this month? If so, what did you do and how did it go? What did you learn?

If you read about challenges all month long, but did not decide to take one on, there is something to learn from that, as well? What did you learn about yourself this month?

If you were paying attention to gauging your effort what did you notice? Were you able to gain awareness around where your effort is going and make sure it is going in the right places? What did you notice about putting effort toward challenges and the amount of energy you got back? Did you use the effort worksheet? (available under resources at What aha’s did you experience, if so?

Make it a powerful finish to this month and the first quarter of the year! Decide what that means for you, how you will make it happen and get going on it!

And then take time to plan our your month of April.

Have a great week ahead!