Today is March 31st and another month, and quarter have come to an end!

First of all, get yourself a nice pad of paper or journal and pen and resolve to have then with you at all times.

I always take time (and ask my clients to, as well) to reflect on the past month/quarter to learn what I can in order to move forward in the best way possible.  I ask questions like:

-What went well?

-What did not go well?

-What did I learn?

-What are the fixes to assure I do not repeat the same mistakes again?

This is really item one on my planning checklist.  Thoroughly looking back allows me the greatest chance of success moving forward.

Here’s the rest of the checklist, along with a few thoughts and questions to expand your thinking.

-Take a quick check of your goals- which are still important, which can you let go of?

-What is your theme for the month?  The quarter?

-Make a column for each of these areas of life and one to three major goals for the month- keeping in mind that a major goal could be something small!  Be specific with each- you may break the steps down into smaller steps.  I’ve included ideas in each category to give you some direction.

community- volunteering, supporting, giving, making a difference…..

health-exercise, eating well, overall well being goals, weight loss goal,yoga, meditation…

mental/intellectual-reading, meditation, not watching certain tv shows or news, classes, conversations, yoga, movies to see….

business/work- production goals, efficiency, collaborations, creation, work hours, projects, new clients, people to meet….

social-events to attend, meet ups, groups, organizing get togethers, meals/tea/coffee with friends, how often, who, when….

family-quality time- immediate family and other- who, what, when, where….

financial-income, debt paying, cash flow, contributions, savings, investments…..

spiritual-practices, times, reading, attending church, yoga, groups, music


Some of your goals may be carry over, some new.  Stretch yourself here and write down what you REALLY want to do!

-What book or books will you read this month/quarter?

-What classes (online or in person) will you take, in any?

-Who will you meet up with this month?

-What gatherings will you hold?

-What community events will you attend?

-What new activities will you take on?

-What habits will you start to break?

Use this list to spur your mind and write it all down.



-Re-check your goals at least each Sunday.  Ask yourself the reflection questions from above.

-Plan out the week, making sure that your days are scheduled with activities that lead you directly to your goals.

-Each night before bed, confirm your plan for the next day.

Fill your plans for the next month and quarter with goals you love, that you feel excited and passionate about.  This is your life! So many times people will say to me- I don’t want to do all of this planning, but the truth is, the life of your dreams will not happen by default. Don’t shortchange yourself!  Go for it!



-Who can help and/or hold you accountable for you goals?  Keep in mind that you may not have the same person for all goals. Where can you go to get support?  This is a crucial part of your success. Spend time around those who uplift and support you way more than those who do not. (avoid those if possible, but this is real life and we must account for the possibility that they will show up!)