If you’ve been following along, you have noticed I have talked a lot about resting and solitude lately. I wonder how that is resonating with you right now?

I am going to switch gears in a big way on you this week. And that means it is the opposite of rest- it is about getting things done. Expending energy, working hard, getting to it.

The truth is that most of the time both of these things will exist in our lives- a balance of action and rest keeps us moving forward, enjoying life, restoring, working hard toward a goal- all in the same day.

There are also times in our lives that call for complete action and there will be less rest than normal. The “summer time” of life. Maybe less than you really need- but it is purposeful. There is a reason.

There are other times when complete rest and restoration is called for- this is referred to sometimes as “wintering”. When you get to know yourself better you will be more in tune to what season you are called to.

What season are you in now?

Toni Stone taught me- working hard in the summer time of life to reap the harvest in the Fall. Wintering, but not completely inactive, getting ready for Spring when we gradually come to life getting ready to work hard to create, execute and complete in the summer.

If this idea is new to you– take some time to think and write about this idea. Where are you now? Is that where you are called to be? Are you resisting the season that wants to be right now?

If you’re not called completely to one end of the spectrum or the other at this time, what is one thing you can do to intentionally bring more purposeful action AND rest into your life each day?