Hello and thank you for reading my blog today- my theme for the month of June 2021 is generosity and throughout the month we are going to take a deep dive into many aspects of generosity. It is not something I have ever really thought about in a full way. This way involves pausing and really taking time to think about it.

One thing to get out of the way right now is that this month is not about judging yourself. It is about exploration, curiosity and discovery. However we have been in the area of generosity to this point, we have come by it honestly. We were taught by what we heard, were taught and what we experienced.

Being generous is about a readiness to give more of something- as in time or money- than is strictly expected or necessary. It is also, basically, showing kindness toward others.

This month I am going to delve into:


The circle of giving and receiving

Generosity toward others

Generosity toward oneself

Generosity in and out of balance

And probably more!

To get ready, journal or think about these questions:

*When have you been hard on yourself for not doing enough or doing too much?

*How generous do you believe you are, on a scale from 1-10 (ten is I have this down)

*Where do you think you could be more generous?

*Where do you think you could pull back a little because it is causing you harm in some way?

*How good are you at allowing others to be generous to you?

*How generous are you toward yourself- how you treat yourself, how you speak of yourself, how you stand up for yourself, how you get your needs met and enjoy life in the way that you want to enjoy it?( This means not sacrificing everything for someone else.)

Take time with these, preferable writing out your answers. You can add to this as we go through the month, as your awareness expands!