May is winding down, but the mindset work never stops!

This month I have had the pleasure of doing several talks on mindset and I have realized something- there is so much to share about mindset!  Today I want to mention a few things you can think about, if you are interested in creating a more powerful mindset- which can lead you to your best life.

In general, remember if your mindset is working for you, meaning there are no negative consequences to your life for thinking the way you do, then it is fine for you. This is something only you can determine and is worthy of any time you spend thinking about this.

One mindset dynamic to consider is whether you have a fixed or a growth mindset in an certain area of your life. What we want to work toward is a predominantly growth mindset in our lives, however, we are a mixture of both and it may even fluctuate depending upon the season of life you are in.

A fixed mindset thinks they can not learn, grow or expand- they may tend to make excuses or rationalize failures and will not be able to reach their potential.

A growth mindset does the opposite- they know they can learn, grow and achieve more, AND they are both aware and willing to put in the effort to do it. They view failures as opportunities to improve and grow.

Take a few minutes today with pen and paper, write down some areas of your life where you would like to be experiencing something more than you currently are. Notice what type of mindset you are bringing to those situations. If you discover a fixed mindset you can ask yourself what benefits there would be to working on moving more toward a growth mindset. What consequences might there be for you if you don’t change?

Overall, remember your mindset– what your attitude is about anything- determines your results, outcomes, and level of enjoyment in your life. Take the time to get to know yours. Be honest with yourself and with your awareness you can move forward. The key is to pause and take the time to know yourself and your mindset without judgement.