This is one of the best week’s of the year- a special week where I get to celebrate my profession! Along with all coaches around the world, especially those who are members or credentialed with the ICF (International Coach Foundation) I am celebrating International Coaching week.

There are so many aspects of coaching that I celebrate-

One, I celebrate the coaching I have received over all of these past oh, 25 or more years, since I heard about the concept of coaching and immediately resonated with it. I was a burned out Realtor when I found a copy of Take Time for Your Life by Cheryl Richardson, in it she talks about being a coach- she was one of the first- and I knew then and there, whatever this coaching thing was, I would be a part of it. I started coaching some of my real estate friends soon after, as well as myself!

A short while later, my real estate trainer came out with a coaching program- I signed up to be coached, and then became a coach for them. The rest is coaching history!

From that very first coach I had  and over all the years since, I have been coached in all areas of my life.

A great coach will question you, push you, believe in you (sometimes more than you do!) and help you to reach your goals and potential. This is what has happened for me over and over again. My coaches have helped me to see different perspectives and to think bigger, to believe in myself more and to take the steps necessary to create the life and business I have wanted to achieve.

Two, I celebrate all of the many clients that I have had the privilege to coach over the past 19 years. My gratitude is beyond immense. To have the honor to be able to work with so many men and women of all ages who have all been working on taking something in their lives to the next level is an incredible thing.

Three, You can coach yourself, too- and this is also something to be celebrated! Take the time with yourself to look at the areas of your life and to ask yourself- where am I at with my satisfaction level on a scale from 1-10 in this area? Then ask yourself, What would make it a 10? Write all of these things down. Get your vision for what it would look like at a 10.

Once you’ve done that, write out a list of all of the actions you could take that would lead you in the direction of the 10. The point is not just the 10, but what you will do and experience as you continue to move forward. Continuously as yourself- what is the next right step I could take and then take it. Over and over again.

If you have the chance to experience being coached for yourself, I highly encourage you- it’s a life changer.