I am celebrating the last hurrah of Mental Health Month (October) this week. Join me!

How’s your mental health? In this day we have more permission than ever, it seems, to recognize where and when we are struggling mentally. We have to be honest with ourselves if we want to live our fullest lives. It takes real strength to own our struggles and it is the only way to successfully work through them.

Not around them.

Through them.

How you think and what you think about plays a huge part in becoming mentally well. Every single one of this has to do this work in order to be our healthiest. Anyone who lives in this world, regardless of who they are, has mental stress. No one is immune.

We can do our part to stay well and strong by consistently doing the work to be so. There is no destination to get to- it is a constant. Keeping our minds positive is an important foundation from which all else is possible. There are so many reasons why we might slip from positive to negative. I am repeating some of this information here in my blog because it is so important to address, learn about and work with every single day.

What can we do to stay positive?

Get better rest- quality and quantity.

Focus on reading more positive than negative news, books, social media, articles, etc.

Put a time limit on social media overall and stick with it.

Study positivity.

Focus on watching and listening to more positive than negative shows and podcasts.

Spend time with people who care enough to call you on or question you about negativity.

Be honest when you are stuck in a negative rut and be willing to ask for help.

Write out how you are feeling- fully and honestly- shred afterward.

Do one positive things today to move yourself forward.

Make sure your diet it helping you to feel mentally well.

Be in nature as often as possible.

Move, get exercise and stretch each day.

Find a great therapist.

Find a great coach.

Explore body work to help you move energy through your body and to release tension- like massage, acupuncture, Network Chiropractic PT, Cranial Sacral Therapy and more.

Ask yourself- what when I am doing it helps me to feel really positive?

Always have something to look forward to.

Engage in a hobby that you love at least once a week.

What else would you add to the list?

Today’s coaching homework: Make your own list of positivity builders. Pick on thing from the list and do it today. Plan for the week ahead and plan at least one into each day for the next week and then reflect on how you feel one week from today. You might need to dig in to research more, or consult someone- whatever you are doing, move forward and you will build positivity.