That’s you!  And me.  We ALL have so much potential within us.  As a coach, however, I often notice people not seeing the potential they have already realized.

If you would stop to think about the things that you have already done in your life- all of the things, for instance, that at one time you did not know how to do that you now DO know how to do.  I think about technology in my current season of life, where I developed a story about being afraid of it and not being good at it. Just the other day someone commented to me about how good I am with technology! HA! I laughed at the thought of it, and then later, upon reflection,I acknowledged that I have come a long way and that I can no longer own that story. Once I didn’t know how to use our Magic Bullet or how to drive a car. I didn’t know how to travel alone at one time. You can see the list has the potential to be almost endless.

I encourage you to make a real, handwritten list of all of the things you can think of that you have learned to do.  Why? This is written proof of you growing! Over the years you have grown- as a person, you are not the same person you used to be- and you are not supposed to be! Personal growth, professional growth. You are doing it everyday, but may not stop to recognize it. How much credit do you give yourself for the growth you’ve had? For the changes you’ve made to due both successes and learnings.

Stopping and reflecting is the key, as is measurement. When you can look back to a date in the past and see how far you have come it can be powerful. It is about progress, not perfection.

This is all an important foundation for you in realizing even bigger potential.  When you start to get into some big goals and dreams- stuff that gets you nervous and self doubting- this kind of thinking, awareness, and measurement is what is going to make you strong. It will help you to see the amazing potential you have already realized and your next steps are just more of that potential being released.

I see a lot of people shortchanging themselves. It’s 2020 now. What story would you like to write? What potential would you like to realize?  What is your plan?  What is your FIRST STEP?  Just starting holds the seeds to realizing and living your greater potential. Get excited about this! You have already done way harder things, it is just that as we get older we know more to possibly be afraid of, to doubt, to question. That is why there is such a phrase as “beginners luck”. You can move past it.

So for today- write your list.  Decide what one thing you want to be different in your life or business. (No censoring or apologizing) and use the energy of all of the potential you have already seen in yourself to fuel that very first step. Start to experiment with this one thing and notice what is happening.

Let me know what you are up to so that I can encourage you!