Sometimes we just make things way too hard.

I was preparing to meet with a client today, and as often happens, I was thinking about her and a question came to me that I wanted to ask her.

“How can you let it be easy?”

And by it I meant- life! Not any one thing in particular, but all of it. I know I am generalizing here and that there are many things that are not easy and denying that would not be healthy. However, there is so much in and of our lives that could be a lot easier if we let it.

In the dictionary ease is defined as an absence of difficulty or effort- ooh effortless- another good one. As a verb it states to make something unpleasant, painful or intense less serious or severe. Oh things can be a lot less serious! Lastly it states to move carefully or gradually.

Pausing and thinking make another appearance here in the blog. These easeful moves are not possible without them. You can not rush into ease!

So for today I want to ask you to peak at all of the areas of your life and ask yourself- “what in this area of my life could I allow to be a bit easier and how?”









Where are you getting in the way, causing trouble for yourself and others, making a big deal, trying to control things? Anyone?

Take out your journal or piece of paper right now and aim to find one breakthrough for yourself.

Revisit this again and again, as you are ready more insights will appear and what you will start to have more of in your life is ease and freedom. I’m in, are you? I am working right alongside you!