This recently caught my eye! You might all know how much I love planning and goal setting, so it may not surprise you.

Setting goals is important, setting the right goals is MORE important. I have strong beliefs on goal setting- take what you like and leave the rest! I believe in the power of handwritten goals, and a daily review. I believe in setting a goal and then a stretch goal. I believe in adding plus marks after goals containing numbers.

I believe that goals are made to be tweaked and worked with.

And I strongly believe in what I am about to share with you, every word of it and couldn’t have said it better myself.

My friend Kimberly Blount (yay for Kimberlys!!) of Real Life True You shared this, and I am sharing it with her permission.

Y.O.U.R. Goals...

Y– you centered. It’s all about YOU and who you’re becoming.

O– your OWN. Your goals are YOURS and for you to accomplish.

U– UNAPOLOGETIC. Determine what you want to do and GET AFTER IT! No apologies.

R– REFLECTIVE of the future you want. They should keep you focused!

S– SPECIFIC. You can’t know what target to hit if you don’t know what you’re after.


Here are a few adds from me-

If your goals contain the word “should” cross them out. What do you want or choose? Not should or have to- those are not goals.

If you are not a goal setter and you are enjoying life and you are successful, then by all means, continue on. I would just say, as a veteran coach, you probably have no idea what you are really capable of and what you could REALLY create in your life. I support you either way, just want to throw that out there!

Take some time to breath and write and think about these things. One at a time, no pressure. Enjoy the process.

Thank you Kimberly for allowing me to share your words! I appreciate you and your powerful ideas!