What About Bob? is one of my favorite funny movies! Released in 1991, it is #44 on Bravo’s top 100 list of funniest movies. I think putting a lot of humor into our lives right now is VERY important- that is why I convinced my family to watch this movie the other night.

Although Bob can drive you a bit crazy, as he does his psychiatrist in the movie, he’s endearing and he’s working some good advice for all of us in this time of uncertainty and crisis.

-Bob uses positive affirmations- repeating, “I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful” over and over again. What,  if you affirmed it, would help you to cement in some good and supportive beliefs right now?

-Bob PERSEVERES!!  My word for the month of April- how perfect! This guy does not give up. How could that trait help you right now?

-Bob is WILLING to try, even when anxious, to do new and uncomfortable things. What have you not been willing to try or change at this time? What would it take for you to just do it?

-Bob takes baby steps. You don’t have to take big leaps- progress is the most important thing and to progress you only need to move forward by any amount. Just keep moving forward.

-Bob takes a vacation from his problems! One of my favorite things of all time- and I have actually used this with clients many times of the years. We all need a break. Taking a vacation from your problems is not shirking, or irresponsible. Vacations are temporary and designed to help you to recalibrate and restore yourself. Give yourself PERMISSION to put everything aside for a day, or a week and come back to it all fresh and with a renewed outlook.

This came at a perfect time for me, because I am on vacation as of tomorrow. We don’t get to go to the beach, but I am taking the time off at home. It would be easy to stay focused on work and sucked in to the challenges of each day, but I am going to follow in Bob’s baby steps this week and take a vacation from everything and just enjoy some downtime. There is said it- now you can hole me accountable!

Watch or rewatch this movie this week- see what lessons you learn from Bob- or just watch and laugh!