Generosity June continues! It seems to be striking a chord with many of you and I appreciate the thoughts you are sharing with me, they are fueling some of these posts.

Really, truly, I promise, generosity is built to fill you with joy. Sadly, this is not always the case. What gets in the way?

Most of the time it was what we were taught growing up about generosity that shades our mindset, one way or another.

Being generous is a loving act, so some things do not fit.

For instance, if you hear the word should creeping in, beware. If you are doing something just because you think you should, there is an energy attached to it. If you are giving with the expectation that you will receive something in return, that is not generous, and will have an energy attached to it. Whoa and watch out when your expectations are not fulfilled! What a set up for feeling badly.

There is a joy in generosity that you don’t want to miss!

The best place to come from is generosity because you have the ability to make a positive impact. Unconditionally, no strings attached. What you might not know is that you receive many rewards when you are in the state of feeling magnanimous, that making a difference feeling of meaning and purpose to one’s life.

Whether you give a large tip as a personal rule, share information, your act of generosity is random, anonymous- whatever it is, the feeling you get puts you on a high vibe and that is an unstoppable place to live from. That’s why we always hear, if you feel low or stuck, go find someone to help. Go find someone to contribute to.

If you taint it with resentment, bitterness, disappointment and the like, you create a low vibe and nobody create they life they love from a low vibe.

As I endlessly say- give yourself a no judgement zone. Observe your motives, observe the thoughts and words and attitude when you are being generous.

The world is abundant, and when we don’t give generously, according to our ability, we cut off the flow that is possible for us. Remember, generosity is not just about money- it can be time, resources, words, favors, surprises, or a kind word. (and more) Start to look for opportunities to give just so that you can gauge your current mindset. Be curious. From there you can decide what you want to do to change or expand.

Tune back in next week for more- I have some good stuff coming and some true confessions, too.