Maybe it’s the time of year- August- that makes me think it’s time for fun! Growing up, knowing there were a few weeks left before back to school, the pressure was on (in a good way) to have as much fun as possible in the warmth of summer.

We played in the woods, making things up, playing pretend, playing kick the can and many other games. I had a little garden for a few years near an old tree stump. I picked blackberries off the bushes growing next to the road and ate them with milk and sugar. I rode my bike down to the playing fields to watch summer baseball and softball. I developed my love of creamees in the summer- yup, wired right into my brain, summer equals ice cream!

You have heard this all before- and at least a few times from me if you’ve been reading my posts for a while- FUN is IMPORTANT! We know this, yet do we live it?

Right now, this next month is a great time to weave some fun into each week, maybe each day and begin to set in a new habit. Having fun, by our own definition, makes us feel good. When we feel good, others around us can feel good, too. We make a positive impact. But what we often forget about is that having fun is good for our bodies and brains. Not just good for them, down to every last cell, but essential to aging well.

There is a lot of solo fun to be had, which I think is good to cultivate as a skill, so no excuse for not having fun just because you don’t have anyone at the moment to have fun with. However, there has been a lot of research done around having fun in groups of 3 and 4- especially with friends, not necessarily family members.

A great place to start- always- is making a list. Just for fun (see what I did there?) :

  • List all of things you loved to do for fun growing up- enjoy reminiscing.
  • List all of the things you would like to do, but haven’t ever done.
  • List all of the things you would like to do that you used to like to do, but haven’t done in a while.
  • Take all of this and pull out an August calendar. Pick at least one thing off from your list to schedule in each week. At least one. Make a plan, execute on your plan. 

Decide to make this a memorable month and make the foundation for all of the months of your life yet to come. The longevity, health, and enjoyment of your life depend on this. 

Weave in the fun!!