Welcome to Day 3!

Today, is about spirit. Your spirit and the connection to something bigger than yourself. If this already makes you a bit uncomfortable, hang with me.

When you are connected to your spirit, amazing things happen. When you are truly connected you will feel strong, capable, uplifted- high vibe all the way around. While it is not realistic as human being living in today’s world to think we can live in that place 24-7, we can endeavor to spend as much time in that place as we can, at for sure at least a sliver of time each day.

What you focus on expands and this is one area that is totally expandable.

Let’s clear this up first- we all have different beliefs. Whatever you call your higher power, that is personal. It could be nature, the Universe, God, Goddess, Spirit- just to name a few. I do know this for sure- and I will stand by this to the end- life is easier when you have a belief and connection to some type of a higher power.

There are so many things about life that are hard to take and impossible to explain. Having a belief that there must be a plan somehow that is the right plan helps me to keep some amount of peace.

This post is not to try to convince you of anything, but to prompt you to explore your spiritual side of life. I am going out on a limb I know assuming that someone who would join the high vibe challenge might be interested in exploring this. Because honestly, the state of your spirit is crucial to living a high vibe life.

If you hear me talking about my higher power you will hear me say God. I have a deep faith, I grew up Catholic, but am no longer practicing- I really call myself spiritual and I gain value from all traditions. What do I do to stoke my spirit? I pray and meditate first thing every morning. I have a short daily devotional that I read morning and night and since quarantine started I have been watching Joel Osteen’s online church service on Sundays as I find it very high vibe- the music and the messages.

But the number one way I feel closest to God and feel my spirit expands the most- being out in nature. Especially being near water, or on a dirt road, being in the woods. The beach! Don’t get me started! My spirit is bursting at the seams whenever I am near the ocean.

How do you know you are connecting with your spirit? For me it is the feeling in my heart space and even in my whole body of pure happiness and such goodness. It may last for a flash, or an hour, usually in and out throughout the day.

It doesn’t just stay, it has to be nurtured through actions first, mindsets and creating habits around it. But you CAN create this connection at any time.

Day 3 Journal Questions:

-What do you call your Higher Power?  How do you connect to it?

-How could connecting more consistently with your Higher Power benefit you in your life?

-Think of a time in your life when you felt totally connected, blessed, total goodness. Describe what was happening at the time and what lead up to it.

-How could you start to connect to your Higher Power more consistently- no commitment  necessary at this time, just make a list of ALL of the possibilities.

Day 3 Challenge:

Decide on something that you can do every day for the rest of the challenge to expand your sprit and to feel more spiritually connected. Look at your list. You know your schedule and time availability- so choose accordingly when you choose- make it something that you can realistically follow through on all month. The compound effect of the consistent action will add up and you will feel it!

If you are on the Facebook page, feel free to share what you take away and what you are committed to if you would like to!