Welcome to Day 4!

Here’s a check in- it’s Monday- How are you doing? Is Monday something you look forward to? Do you even know what day it is? As we are well aware, we are all having such different experiences in this time of crisis!

Writing things out has been a staple for me over the years, but about a year ago I started doing this technique called writing Morning Pages- this is a concept created by Julia Cameron and outlined in her book the artists way. The basic idea is to write 3 pages in a notebook, just write, first thing each morning. It doesn’t have to be good, make sense or even be legible! I have included the link to the description and Julia’s website in this post.

It takes me 30 minutes to write three pages, a time or two it was faster, but that is realistic for me. Some days I have a lot to write, others it is a struggle to start, but once I do, it flows out.

These are the pages to pour out your angst, write out what is going wrong and challenges you are having, the idea being to get these things out of you and onto the page to clear you and your mind up for loftier pursuits.

I have worked out so many challenges through writing. There is research that says there is a huge connection between your hand writing and your brain processing. That is why I ask you to write in your journal, not type. If you type you miss a huge piece of this.

I have solved challenges, cleared my brain and also I have had so many ideas while writing. I think of things I have to do, too. So while you are writing if you think of an idea or a to do, circle it so that you can just keep going- the flow has to continue, so no stopping to do the to do or anything else- which I can tell you is VERY tempting!

If you aren’t going to dive full on into Morning Pages at this time, now you know this is an option for you. Here’s what I would highly recommend to you:

If you are having a challenge with something- have a notebook to open up and write out what is going on. Get it out of you. At the very least you will shave a lot of emotion off from it, and you might even get answers to help you to solve or move forward on solving the challenge. Do not miss the power of this! Even writing a short paragraph is helpful. Start to have this tool be a go to for you.

Getting the icky stuff out of us and onto a page is going to help us to make room for building some high vibrations each day.

Day 4 Journal Questions:

1- Write out-  how you are feeling today? Then write down the good things that are happening and the things that are challenging you- just a list, as long as you like.

2-What is your reaction to this idea, Morning Pages? What is your mind telling you? Look at your reactions and then ask yourself- is this really true?  To get to high vibe we are going to get past our cursory default mode thinking and go deeper.

Day 4 Challenge:

Read the description of Morning Pages, or MP’s as I call them at the link included in this post.

Decide today on a sliver of 30 minutes tomorrow morning that you will try writing Morning Pages. The challenge is just to do it once to try it out. You have to make an actual appointment with yourself and keep it, so put it in your calendar. Notice how you feel, what your mind is saying to you during the process. Hang with it and just keep writing- even if you keep writing, “I don’t know what to write but I am going to keep writing.” When you keep going, something will shift and you will see words coming out the end of your pen.

Some of you may already be doing this- this is a reminder that you are doing something good! Some of you have done these and got off track- this is your reminder to pick this up again.

There is no better time than now to use this tool!

The picture on this post is my current MP journal. I have filled so many- my biggest amazement is that most of these journals are about 200 pages long and when you fill one you have legit written a whole book! Pretty cool!

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Happy High Vibing Monday!