Welcome to day 1!

Let’s start at the beginning! What does it even mean- high vibe? Or High Vibration?

If you google high vibration you will see things come up like crystals, food, and music. Basically anything high vibration is something that is going to make you feel good and fills you with positive energy.

It is all about energy- the higher your energy is vibrating, the lighter you feel physically, mentally and spiritually. You will experience feelings like joy, peace, a sense of wonder, excitement, fulfillment, connection, health, love and you name it- all positive states of being. Your body feels good and emotionally you feel centered and upbeat. Personal power and a sense of being able to take things on and create or move forward in life are high vibration.

So being in the opposite place are all the negative emotions and energies that bring us down.

It is important to gain awareness around this, because as you will discover, you have been around low vibration people your whole life (you may have even been one a time or two!) and that energy is STRONG! It will pull you into it every time if you are not aware and cultivating your high vibe habits that help you to resist the pull.

Human beings are not static- so this high vibe idea is not a place to arrive at, it is a call to create good habits that are high vibe to keep you in that place more often than not, and to also assist you in getting back to high vibe as quickly as possible when you have been dragged down.

There are many ways to get into low vibration, not just people- we will talk about these things all month long. When in low vibration, your problems seem bigger and heavier, you lost hope, optimism, joy. You might feel confused and just plain negative.

It is very important as you begin this journey, not to judge yourself. And exclude yourself from the judgement of others. As you raise your vibration, others around you with a lower vibration are apt to feel uncomfortable, This may come out in their interactions with you. Be kind, and just keep on your path. Remember, everyone has the opportunity and capability to raise their vibration, too. Don’t feel the need to explain this month, unless you feel others are open and might want to join you.This challenge is about and for you.

To begin, take out your journal and answer these questions: (note: these are to be handwritten, not typed on a computer)

1- On a scale from 1-10 where would you put your current level of vibration, 1 being very low and 10 as high as it can be.

2- What keeps you at the current level?

3- Remember a time that you were at or nearing a 10. Write down what was happening at that time.

4- What stories and realities about your life and who you are might get in your way this month as you look to raise your vibration?

5- Go back to #4 which of those are REALLY true and which might be made up? (we are talking proof here)

Here’s the Day 1 Challenge:

In your journal, start a list of all of the things that when you do them, you feel GREAT!  Engage in one of them for ANY amount of time today. This list is something you will continue to add to all month long as you think of things you have forgotten.

If you are engaging in the Facebook group- make sure to introduce yourself. Share any aha’s you have along the way and how they positively impact you.

“See” you tomorrow!