Happy May!

This is the perfect month and time in our lives to sink into both a challenge that causes us to see what we are capable of- in a good way- surround ourselves with positivity and to redirect our focus toward high vibration mindset and  physical existence.

I decided to do this 31 Day High Vibe Challenge for myself first, as I have had a goal to use this time of crisis in the world to become better than I was when we started. For me better mean body, mind, spirit and soul. And I have my personal descriptions of what that means for me.

I had been thinking about something I could do for others at this time, to give back. I decided to create this public challenge and share it as a give away. This will be different for everyone, so you set your rules and reasons for engaging. Many of the people in the group have just noted that they want to be in a place to be surrounded by some positive and to learn a few things to help them stay in that place more often.

I will be writing one idea, tip, suggestion, etc each day in May. I will sometimes include resources, and I will always include coaching questions for you to journal about, as well as a daily challenge. The more you engage with the questions and challenges, the more you will get out of this month and the challenge.

Visit this blog daily for the post!  I will post each morning.

If you are on Facebook- you can join the private group 31 Day High Vibe Challenge-  I set up, as well as invite others to join with you. You can join the challenge at any point, so no worries if you didn’t start on the first!

See the next post for our first day’s info- and challenge!  I am glad to have you here !

Happy May!!