When I think about recalibrating my mind and you recalibrating your mind I am thinking about these things:

-Questioning what I think about everything, and having the courage to do so.

Regardless of your age, you have had some beliefs for a very long time. Since the pandemic, and never more than right now, you are free and clear to question what of your beliefs are working for you and still even make sense. A great practice right now is to keep an eye on anything where you find yourself having hard and fast opinions that cause you to be rigid, that are distressing or cause you suffering and to be brave enough to really look at how you may be the cause of that distress and suffering due to your view of things. Question everything to recalibrate– just to make sure you are tuned to exactly where you want to be at this time.

-Willingness to be open and wrong about your opinions and long held beliefs. The may have been perfect for you at one time, in fact, likely they were because you would not have developed them. It’s okay to change your mind, in fact if you are human and doing any level of personal growth and development as you get older, new thoughts and ideas will become clear to you and changing your mind is a part of the deal. Get comfortable with it! I know so many people who won’t change and recalibrate their thinking because it would be like saying they are wrong. If that is your viewpoint, would you rather be wrong and not suffering, or “right” and suffering- you DO have a choice. Someone might care or feel uncomfortable if you change your mind, but are you living life for them or for you? As far as we know, we only have this one go around. Think deeply about this.

-Changing your thoughts, belief, mind will be uncomfortable in the short term as your brain desperately tries to keep you “safe” in the known. Just know this so that you don’t fall for it and be dragged back. If you do get dragged back to some unsupportive thinking- congratulate yourself for recognizing it and begin again. Be patient and gentle with yourself. You may have to change some big things as your vision becomes wider and clearer- you are not losing old things, but you are expanding toward the new and things that do not fit, naturally fall away. That may mean people, too. Know that your new vibration, energy and beliefs will make you aware of new people and situations that will be perfect for where you are at at this time. I also always like to mention the highly underrated spending time ALONE. It is not always easy, but if you stick with it you may gain clarity that you can not when you are always with others. Set up your new support people or renew your commitment to those who are on this journey with you 100%.

So to sum it up for today– question everything, recognize it takes courage, be patient and gentle with yourself in the process, be willing to be wrong, be willing to change your mind!